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Want to lose weight, improve your fitness or gain strength?

Then let’s help you to achieve your goals through nutrition and exercise plans dedicated to you.

The fact that you’ve taken the time to do your research and you’ve landed here tells us everything we need to know – you’re committed to your health and fitness goal.

It’s likely that you’ve tried various diet plans and you’ve struggled to find your groove when it comes to in-person training. These reasons are exactly why we’ve developed our online health and fitness solutions, to give people like you a fighting chance for a better and healthier life.

Although we’re a personal trainer in Hampshire in the UK, we can help ANYONE in the world!

Let’s get Fitical, on your terms

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Nutrition coaching online

Our online health and fitness services mean you can train at a time and place that suits you. Our online nutrition coaching is a great way to hit your weight and fitness goals.

When creating your diet plan, we make sure that you’re truly in control with a plan that’s been built around you to achieve your success.

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Personal training online

We, unlike other online PTs and nutritionists, don’t send out pre-made programs and then leave you to work it out for yourself. All of our plans are bespoke to you, and we make sure to be there for you every step of the way.

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Why Fitical?

Sarah’s ability to understand the realities of one’s lifestyle and adapt a program that suits is remarkable. She is able to provide the most personal and bespoke care wherever I travel. I have referred several colleagues as well as my own daughter. I will certainly to continue this as I am in awe of her…


As a long distance runner I’d always listened to hearsay or advice from other athletes but once Sarah set out what was beneficial for me and corrected my daily diet I was able to take my focus away from nutrition and focus on performing at my best. Fatigue is barely an issue anymore with the


Here’s what your health and fitness plan looks like

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A personalised training program

The plans are tailored to you. You will get progressive sessions that support your goals and ability with the equipment available.

Cardio fitness training - treadmill

Habit-based nutritional guidance

You’ll have daily, weekly and monthly nutrition guidance to follow, helping you achieve your goals on autopilot. You’ll even discover some delicious recipes along the way!

Weight workout - online nutrition coach and PT

Weekly check-ins

You’ll submit a check-in every week. We do this to give accountability and make any tweaks to your plans if we need to.

Daily support for your online fitness training

Daily coach support

If anything can’t wait till your weekly check-in then Sarah will be available to chat to when you need her.

Let’s chat about your plan

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