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Why Fitical works

Sarah built the Fitical model to give people the confidence, knowledge, support, and most importantly, flexibility needed to achieve their goals. We’re proud to say we’ve helped over 300 people (and counting!) to achieve their new and healthier lifestyle. We couldn’t be prouder of every single one of them.

We pride ourselves on the fact we have lots of success with people of all different fitness levels, from beginners to military level. Losing weight, gaining strength, or improving fitness, we’ve made it possible for you with Fitical.

Your training with Fitical is more than achieving your health ambitions, you will experience a lifestyle transformation.

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The Fitical model that gets you results

Fitical focuses on you and your mission to improve your health. The way in which we get you there is through hands-on online personal training, nutrition coaching, and delicious recipes.

Our health and fitness model includes:

  • Nutritional consultation and audit
  • Bespoke exercise programme
  • Delicious recipes
  • Regular contact to your personal trainer

Who is Sarah Brewer?

Sarah Brewer is a health and fitness professional with over a decade of experience. Over the years, Sarah worked hard to find the right strategy to create a solution for people to enjoy and thrive in their mission for a healthier life. That’s how Fitical was born!

One of the main things that motivates Sarah is meeting new people like you and discovering your stories. She wants to help you conquer your roadblocks and pursue your journey to the finishing line.

“My aim is to pass on all of my passion and knowledge to people who want to make a difference to their life. That’s how we work here, I will give you the knowledge, tools and flexibility to achieve your goals. Even better, I’ll teach you the real trick to success to a happy and healthy lifestyle – making hard work fun!”

Frequently asked questions

Online personal training can be done anywhere. You don’t need to meet me face to face. I draw on my knowledge of exercise and nutrition from over 8 years experience and designing training programs and administering meal planning that will help you achieve your goals and transform your body in an effective, sustainable method.

Each program is constructed on a bespoke basis, based on the information you disclose in your questionnaire including injury history, current fitness level, your access to fitness equipment and your personal goal. I also require you to send over a ‘before’ picture that allows me to assess your current level of muscularity, body fat and your body type (Mesomorph, Endomorph, Ectomorph).

There is a brief fitness test that I advise you take upon sign up that allows me to make sure that your workouts are created at the right level of challenge for you.

Your meal plans are produced based upon the information you provide me in the questionnaire and then your recommended macro nutrients and calorie intake is calculated based on your height, weight, age and activity level and body type.

I will also work with you to build habits each week which enable you to easily adopt the changes and you’ll be reminded of these within the app.

It involves tailored training and nutrition programming for you, frequent support email and weekly in-depth feedback. Most importantly, you’ll be signing up to work directly with me, and I pride myself on my track record in producing amazing results and supporting my clients every step of the way to their transformation!

It’s £150 per month to hire me as your full time online personal trainer / nutritionistCheck out my blog for more info around the cost to hire an online personal trainerit puts into perspective the value of working with me at Fitical.

After subscribing with us:

The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time, and the same applies to the three-month package following the initial three-month payment after the three-month subscription you would be charged on a monthly basis. The payments are all made via subscription.

Every week! Each Monday, I’ll send you a check-in form that will provide me with information beyond what I can acquire from tracking your training and nutrition alone. The check-in form will inform me of anything you might be struggling with, your likes, dislikes, any changes that might be required, your energy levels, mood, sleep, weight etc.

Using this information, along with your exercise and diet tracking, I’ll provide you with personalised video feedback where I’ll highlight areas in which you’re doing well, things that can be improved and what we need to work on moving into the following week. All this ensures we’re constantly moving towards your goal at a rate in which you’re happy.

Yes, when I create your plan, I’ll keep in mind both your level of experience and your goals. I work with beginners to advanced lifters.

Upon sign up, you’ll be required to complete a questionnaire; this will provide me with all the information I need to design your plan. If you’re a beginner, I’m going to ensure you achieve fantastic results in the quickest possible time and eliminate the guesswork. If you’re an advanced lifter/athlete, then I’m going to ensure I take your training and knowledge to the next level.

Nope, I work with people from all over the world.

60% of my clients are based in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and the remaining 40% are around Europe, the United States and the rest of the world.

One of the best things about online personal training is that you can work with me from anywhere in the world.

If you would prefer face to face personal training then you will need to be based in or near Hampshire in the UK. If not, then my online services will work for you.

Many of my clients have jobs that require them to travel regularly; this makes bespoke personal training sessions online an ideal fit for them. I’m happy to alter the plan so that you can stay on track while travelling.

Absolutely! Everyone is different; therefore, everyone will receive a fully customised/bespoke training and nutrition plan. I do NOT offer any cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all training or diet plans. Upon signup, you’ll be required to complete a questionnaire that will provide me with all the information I need to create your plan. Once I’ve created your programme, I’ll send you a detailed email you through the ins and outs of your plan and explaining why you’ll be doing X exercise and why you’ll be required to eat X amount.

Of course! I’ll provide delicious, high protein, nutrient-rich recipes to help facilitate your goals and ensure your diet is sustainable.

During normal working hours, I tend to get back to people within an hour, outside of working hours, this can be longer. But even on the weekend, I’ll certainly get back to you within 24 hours. In short, I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Once you’re signed up, I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete. Once you’ve completed your questionnaire and provided your front, side and rear photos, I’ll then get started on your plan. I will then have your plan created within the next few days (3-5 days max). This is the time it takes to create a truly customised programme.

Online Personal Training has proven to be extremely effective. However, as with face to face personal training, online personal training is only effective if my clients actually do the work and follow the programme.

Online Personal Training gives you access to my expertise, knowledge and experience at any time.

It’s great for providing you with extra motivation, accountability, it teaches you to take control and track your own progress.

It’s also much more cost effective than face to face personal training and the workouts can be fitted into your schedule rather than your trainer’s.

Physical – Although progress is unique to every individual, most people start to notice changes in the first month of starting their program. This can be more definition in your arms and legs, or your abdominal muscles starting to be revealed or clothes fitting better.

The extent of the changes you’ll notice will depend on your original goal, your application of the programme and how closely you follow the daily habits we try to build.

Many of my clients say they notice a significant increase in their energy levels after a few weeks of starting. This is often due to the balance of training they take part in and the simple, practical habits they try to apply.


Flexibility – As all my workouts contain quick and effective warm ups and cool downs, you’ll probably notice your mobility and flexibility improving as well.


Mental – Many of my clients indicate that after the workouts they have a much more positive outlook and are in a better mood. This is due to endorphins flooding your system. Others have reported their productivity and mental clarity increasing too.


Confidence – As your body changes, as noted above, your mind will to. Often, clients claim that they gain a stronger confidence in their own abilities as they go through the programme. This might be attributed to the strength and achievements you’ll accomplish along the way as well as being more confident in your own skin.

That is certainly possible, if you are already following a an exercise program of your own or just want a personalised meal plan we can do that for you. Please request that service by emailing me on sarah@fitical.co.uk

Actually no, my online services started as requests from friends of my clients and needed a program they could do on their own whilst they were away, this worked really well and as a result I decided to open the service up to a global audience.

Tailored monthly training plan – I will design your bespoke training plan from scratch with three to five days of your sign up. The program will generally be sent in 4 weeks training phases that map out linear progress as relates to the training goals you express on your training forms. Each training week will show you exactly what workouts to do, the exercise selection you’ll need as well as why this training protocol has been chosen and how it’s positioned to serve your goal.


Bespoke monthly meal plan – Your nutrition plan is far from generic, I’m so proud of the custom meal plans on my service. It all starts with you filling out a questionnaire telling me everything you would like to achieve. From there I work out the number of calories, meal frequency and macronutrient split that I would like to see you on.

The meals included in your plan will be selected based on your food preferences and intolerances. Where possible we will look to address any issues of indigestion you suffer from frequency as we have very advanced methods of food combining that allow most people to alleviate these unnecessary ailments.

Every meal comes with cooking instructions and a full recipe to make following the meal planner as easy as possible, even for those that do not cook very often.

We also give you the option of a simple or complex meal plan. Simple meal plans are great for anyone short on time or who would like to make things as simple as they can, there is still plenty of nutrient diversity, A complex meal plan is intended as much a meal planner as an education in healthy eating as there will be so many new foods and recipes introduced that you will be halfway to being a connoisseur by the end of it! Of course, all still designed to achieve your training goals in the most timely fashion.


Supplement recommendations – I’m not a huge fan of the majority of fitness and bodybuilding supplements, however there are times at which a protein shake might be a convenient way to consume nutrients when the alternative would have been a missed meal. I do believe in a lot of alternative therapies and that many health ailments can be avoided and reversed with the use of natural herbs. Where appropriate I will call these things to your attention and you will have the opportunity to discuss this with either myself.

Of course, I’ll also be able to recommend and advise on the use of more traditional fitness supplements like creatine.


Ongoing support – All online personal training customers will have full email support from my team of fitness trainers. This means you can get an email reply within 24 hours at any time on your training plan. Depending on your level of coaching you will also have unlimited email support from me personally.


Educational resources – As much as I love being an online personal to my clients, it’s also my job to equip my clients with enough fitness knowledge and resources to be able to take control of their health and indeed that of their families. I do this by weaving fitness resources and opportunities to educate on the decisions being made on my end whenever I see them.


How you feel – Many customers report feeling a very tangible increase in energy, within the first 1-2 weeks of starting their regime. This is often the result of increased activity levels and a non-inflammatory diet. Those that also read around my blog and integrate some of the recovery and mindfulness practices I recommend often experience a time of mental clarity and calmness they’ve not experienced before, not to mention a great boost in mood!

Because your training program is created personally by me from scratch, it generally takes me 3-5 day to deliver your program to you.

As this is an online service I’m not in a position to diagnose injuries. I would advise that you get in-person advice on any injuries before starting your training program. Medical advice is not a part of my service.

Although my training programs work toward optimal health they are not intended as a replacement for personalised medical advice.

No, because each program is written on a bespoke basis I will work with whatever fitness equipment you have available to you. Where you do not have gym access and are in need of some pieces of equipment to achieve your goal, I will make those recommendations.

If time is scarce and you would like an easy to prepare meal plan, just select a simple meal planner option when you receive your training forms and I will only include meals and recipes that are simple to follow and can be created quickly and with little preparation time, perfect for anyone short on time.

If you are on a budget I can select foods and meals that will be more cost effective. This is easiest for me to do for U.K and U.S based clients, but of course I can apply the principles for shopping arrangements anywhere, just tell me the details and I’ll get it done!

Still not sure? Let me know what you’d like to know and I’ll get back to you asap.

Email: sarah@fitical.co.uk

Tel: (+44) 07833615405





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