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How does it work?

Once you commit to the online personal training, you will go through an in-depth consultation and analysis with Sarah. This is to focus on your current nutrition habits, training patterns and lifestyle.

After the analysis, Sarah puts your online personal training program together, all completely specific to you.

There’s two key areas that the plan will cover, nutrition and exercise.

Daily support for your online fitness training

Your unique online exercise plan

Having an exercise plan fitted to your lifestyle is essential to your success!

From your questionnaire, Sarah will understand your training habits and history. Whether you are a long-standing gym user, complete beginner, someone who likes being outside, or you struggle to stay consistent, she will take the time to understand what will work for you. All aspects of training are covered, from resistance to cardio.

Your exercise program is fitted to your specific needs and requirements. Although the hard work and physical aspect of training is down to you, Sarah removes the guesswork and provides regular contact to track your progress and keep you moving forward.

Your nutrition and diet

Getting you moving is important, but for the best and fastest results, your eating habits are so important.

Personal nutrition is one of the most confusing problems within fitness. With so much conflicting information readily available, it’s no wonder that most people are either clueless as to what to do, or are blindly following the next ‘Insta-trend’.

Sarah’s online personal training includes a nutritional analysis. This finds your exact Kcal requirement on a daily and weekly basis for your goal.

Sarah will ask you to keep a food diary over the following week, documenting absolutely everything you eat and drink and at what time in the food diary she provides. Once the food diary is completed and returned, she will start with a weekly meal and snack template for you to follow. She’ll include your favourite foods that suit your lifestyle.

Remember, having a plan that fits your lifestyle (and tastes) is the secret to success!

Once that’s all sorted, your nutrition plan will complement your exercise training plan to ensure you reach your goals and keep progressing and improving.

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