Individualised Nutrition Plan

As part of your experience with Fitical you will be sent a client welcome and information pack which details our principles and the rationale behind the methodology we use. This will include nutrition guidance and recipe ideas and will take into consideration any specific nutritional requirements, such as vegans and vegetarians.

Personalised Training Programme

A detailed training programme unique to you taking into account your goals, needs and the equipment that you have access to, your training programme will be reviewed and adjusted by your coach according to your progress.

24/7 Coach Support

Access to your coach for any questions you have throughout the week and weekend via email, or phone method is easiest for you at the time. You will be contacted within 24hrs of your enquiry however, we will generally answer your enquiry sooner.

Weekly Check In

A weekly check-in with your coach at a mutually convenient time via Email, Phone to review the week, progress towards your goals, and discuss any adjustments to your training programme and/or nutrition plan. You will also have at least one end of check-in via email and or phone, where you can ask your coach any questions or send them videos of exercises that you wish to be analysed if you are concerned with your technique. We are more than happy to have more than one check-in if necessary, to offer you the support you need.