What to expect from your Fitical PT in Hampshire

Once you commit to your personal training in Hampshire we go through an in-depth consultation and analysis. This is where I can find out all about your current nutrition habits, training patterns and lifestyle.

In knowing all your information, goals and habits, I can come up with a personal training plan to fit perfectly with you. Regular contact between us will ensure that you stay on track and achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

You can expect to see results in the first 3 months

Before and after 3 months

I thrive on results like the one above – especially when the results are as noticeable as this in JUST 3 months!

Although my personal training is online, I am a personal trainer in Hampshire, so it does mean that we can meet in person if we need to discuss your plan or progress in detail.

What you can expect from my personal training in Hampshire

Here’s what you can expect with me as your personal trainer in Hampshire.

Nutritional consultation and analysis

A lot of people I work with believe that by exercising heavily that they will see the results. That’s true in a sense, but it’s also down to your nutrition too. If your diet isn’t healthy or you’re eating too many calories this will hinder your weight loss and body transformation.

Personal nutrition is one of the most confusing problems within fitness. There’s even conflicting information readily available online. It’s no wonder that most people are either clueless as to what to do, or blindly following the next ‘Insta-trend’. I can educate you on nutrition to make sure you know what you’re doing, and what’s right.

My Hampshire personal training includes nutritional analysis. My analysis will find your exact Kcal requirement on a daily and weekly basis for your goal. As well as this, I’ll ask you to keep a food diary over the following week, documenting everything you eat and drink and at what time.

Once the food diary is completed and returned, I can then put together your very own weekly meal and snack template for you to follow. Don’t worry, I will discuss this with you and try to include favourite foods that suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Everyone is different and lives differently, so it makes sense to create a food plan that’s enjoyable. Anything less and you will veer off the plan because you want food that you like. Once this is all sorted, your nutrition plan will compliment your training plan to ensure you reach your goals and keep progressing and improving.

Unique exercise programme

Exercise is undoubtedly key to achieve weight loss. But having an exercise programme that suits your lifestyle is essential to success! From your questionnaire, I learn about your training habits and history. Whether you are a long-standing gym user, complete beginner, someone who prefers to be outside, or someone who struggles to stay consistent, I learn about you and how best to help you.

All aspects of training are covered, from resistance to cardio. Your exercise program is fitted to your specific needs and requirements. The hard work and physical aspect of training is down to you but this programme will remove any guesswork from your routine. I will also be in regular contact to track your progress and keep you moving forward.





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